Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring for:

  • programme managers, 
  • project managers and 
  • project sponsors
is an effective way of both reducing project risk and developing project delivery talent.

Having an experienced project/programme coach/mentor, as a critical friend, independent of line management is like giving a project/programme manager an injection of experience. And it's experience that makes the difference between average, good and outstanding project/programme managers.

Although we are happy to work within any project management or software development methodology, we do recommend what describe as Lean Project Management, applying to projects the principles of lean thinking that revolutionised the manufacturing industry.

A lean approach is completely compatible with all project management and software development methodologies, such as PRINCE2 , PMI, SCRUM, Agile variants etc. Lean Project Management is about changing the mindset of how we think about, structure and tackle business problems, not formal governance structures or development techniques.

Lean Project Management is based on the pull of business value, rather than the usual push of requirements, features and functions. 

But it isn't just about process, it's also about leadership: defining the right problem, creating a shared vision, using multiple perspectives to generate genuinely alternative solutions and, critically, following through. We can help with all of these.

A  lean approach reduces waste, risk and, ultimately, failure.

In the past we have mentored and coached:

  • project sponsors
  • project managers
  • programme managers
  • business managers
  • business owners & entrepreneurs

Each individual has specific needs, regardless of their level within an organisation. We tailor our approach to:

  • the needs of the individual
  • the organisational context
  • the project or programme context
The support of an experienced mentor and coach can reduce project  risk by:

  • developing individuals and equipping them with the tools to continue to do so
  • providing an independent source of guidance and advice
  • acting as an independent and non-judgemental sounding board sounding board 

We learn through a cycle of experience, reflection, conceptualisation and experimentation. A skilled and experienced mentor and coach is the ideal way of helping individuals accelerate through this learning cycle.

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