Double Loop - client testimonials for Gary Lloyd

Commodities Exchange - Programme Manager

I asked Gary in to mentor me in programme management, as well as to provide specific support in setting up the programme office, in order to allow me to focus more broadly.

Gary’s input was invaluable. He provided pragmatic and tangible guidance on team building, took a pro-active role in re-structuring and delivering programme plans, risk and issue management processes as well as other best practice tools. Gary also undertook specific design assurance investigations in known issue areas, producing factual reports and making pragmatic and realistic recommendations for resolution. 

Gary is a highly professional and experienced individual with whom I would gladly work again and I recommend him highly.

Global software supplier - Financial Controller

I have known Gary since I joined the Warwick Business School Mentoring Programme, during my study of my MBA. Since that time Gary has mentored me through many different circumstances. He has always shown professionalism and a great enthusiasm. His qualities such as willingness to share skills and knowledge, positive attitude and ability to provide guidance and constructive feedback are truly honourable. Gary’s good listening skills have been an essential element in establishing a good communication and understanding one another and therefore in building a strong mentor and mentee relationship. 

This all has been an enormous benefit to me on a personal and professional level. Gary’s integrity is beyond question or compromise

Social Enterprise Startup - Founder

Gary has been instrumental in helping me turn my ideas into reality. His patience prodding and clear questioning was critical in the process. I’ve always appreciated our discussions, his challenges to me, and his willingness to ask the tough questions and go to the difficult places, but always in a way that I have felt supported throughout

Testimonials from pre Double Loop roles

Investment Banking Consultancy - Partner

I have known Gary since 1999 when I joined and investment banking consutancy as Partner in the UK Practice. A number of years later, I recruited Gary as a Program Manager at a clearing house.

While at the consultancy, Gary built a strong reputation as a leader in delivering complex change initiatives dealing with all aspects of business, technology and people-related change. He excelled at developing a relationship of trust and collaboration with key stakeholders and colleagues at all levels. He also contributed to the build up of the Firm's intellectual capital and best practices in Programme Management.

Given his experience and calm manner under pressure, I was delighted that he joined me at a clearing house for a large integration programme where I was Programme Director. He made a positive impact early in what was a complex technical environment, with clashing corporate cultures that resulted from a legacy merger deal.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Gary again.

Major UK Retail Bank - Director of Strategy and Change Management

Gary ran two programmes for me in retail banking where I was strategy and and subsequently head of a new business unit.

The first programme demonstrated his ability deliver quantified benefits from a large programme of work, in a challenging environment, with an ability to work at both a strategic and detailed level.

The second programme was particularly large and complex and demonstrated his ability to take an idea from conceptualisation, through programme shaping and set-up, to benefits delivery. It also demonstrated his ability to manage stakeholders and suppliers at all levels of the organisation, including the Retail Board, in a politically challenging environment’

London Derivatives Exchange - Head of Global Delivery

As Head of Global Program Delivery, Gary worked directly for me , successfully running a number of major commercial delivery programs.

Of particular note, was the contract to deliver a new electronic derivatives trading platform for a Tokyo exchange, in Japan. This was technically, commercially and organisationally an extremely complex and ambitious program, and Gary was directly instrumental in ensuring this was a tremendous success.

Clearing House - Director

Gary was a colleague of mine at a major derivatives exchange where he took on the programme to implement a trading system for an exchange in Japan. This was a very difficult project, with an extremely demanding and detail oriented client.

As a result of thus knowing his abilities I was keen to recruit Gary when I became the Director responsible for the programme to develop and implement a new platform for a clearing house. This involved using an India based supplier which was new to the company. Gary undertook several roles for me, often in a fire-fighting capacity. 

I admire Gary for his wide ranging business knowledge which is applied to practical project management and consultancy skills. He is particularly adept at handling challenging clients and companies. I hope that we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.

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